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Tanning Fans Come to Broad Ripple Tans!

Here at Broad Ripple Tans, we offer premium UV tanning and sunless tanning solutions, as well as, a generous selection of tanning lotions and skin care products. Enjoy our top-of-the-line standard beds, or take it a step further with our High Pressure Stand-Up Super Beds and Ultra Bronzing Mega Beds. For sunless tanning, we offer professional spray tanning sessions, applied by a trained and experienced tanning technician.

To get the ultimate indoor tanning experience, you must combine the right equipment with the right products. By combining the right pre-treatments (exfoliation), tanning products (lotions), and post-treatments (moisturizers), you can achieve a bronze glow that beats sun tanning any day! Trust the team at Broad Ripple Tans to customize a safe tanning program that’s perfect for your skin type and meets your tanning goals! Call us seven days a week at 317-257-8262 to learn more about our tanning services and product selections.
Indoor Tanning Tips
  • Always prepare your skin for tanning. This includes cleansing and exfoliating, and applying a light moisturizer afterwards.
  • Do not shower right away after tanning. Wait 3-4 hours so the skin can finish tanning.
  • Always moisturize tanned skin after bathing or swimming.
  • Wear protective eye goggles to avoid corneal sunburn damage.
  • If you plan to tan multiple times, purchase a package to be cost-effective.
  • Always consult a trained tanning professional before tanningfor the first time.
  • Do not wear makeup or perfume when tanning.
  • Use an indoor tanning lotion for UV tanning. Moisturized skin tans better!
  • Rub tanning lotion into skin using circular motions to eliminate patchy spots and streak marks.
  • Beware that some heavy bronzing lotions may stain clothes.
  • Take into consideration your skin type and the way you tan in the natural sun before tanning in a bed. Discuss these details with your tanning professional.
  • Always wait at least 24 hours before tanning indoors again.
  • Do not tan more than 3 times per week.
  • For UV tanning, start with low time (5-7 min), and then gradually increase the as your skin tans and adapts to UV light.
  • Do not tan if you are taking photo-sensitizing medications like anti-depressants, anti-histamines, heart medications, diuretics, and so
  • forth.
  • Jump start a tan with a tan accelerator; deepen a tan with a bronzer lotion.